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AE: Kukpaal-Iik by AstralEclipse AE: Kukpaal-Iik by AstralEclipse
App for :iconthe-accession-epoch:
:bulletgreen:Name: Kukpaal-Iik (He prefers being called Kuk for short)
:bulletgreen:Age: 14 years old
:bulletgreen:Gender: Male
:bulletgreen:Height: 5'4" / 1.63 cm (In his dragon form 19 ft / 6m head to tail)
:bulletgreen:Weight: 125lb / 57 kg (In his dragon form 186lb / 84.4 Kg)
:bulletgreen:Division: Monster Taming

- Jewel Amphitere:

The Amphitere is a feathery dragon like snake, and the sub species called “Jewel” are identified by having extremely beautiful feathers that bright with the sunlight like a jewel, its feathers being of three variants of the same color

The Jewel Amphitere is a very rare sub-species of the normal Amphitere; these dragons can manipulate the 4 elements depending the color (Red: Fire, Blue/Aqua green: Water, Green: Wind and Yellow: Earth).


- Tepew-Q’ukumatz , also known as Dracos and Longwang (see below)

Tepew-Q’ukumatz (Tepiew Cu-ukumats) is a world governed by draconian people of three kinds that call of his own world by three different names due its different language.

This people are the Amphitere (native people that live in the deep rainforests near beaches and cenotes; in few words, a tropical paradise), the Draco ocidentalis magnus (medieval people that live in cold forest and grasslands) and Lungs (oriental style people that live between three weathers -monsoon zones, dry parts and frosted parts in the distant mountains-.
This world had 3 main leaders, but for a time, only two knew each other mutually (The Halach uinik , the lider of the Amphiteres and the Emperor, the lider of the Lungs) ; both enjoyed a friendly and good exchange of food, raw materials, spices, precious metals, etc; Until the king of the Draco ocidentalis magnus, ruler of a civilization fairly closed in terms of ideas and commerce, d had decided to investigate what else apart from all of its kind, discover so, by several expeditions, the land of the Lungs, and all the riches of the land.

The Draco ocidentalis magnus, was always proud of its own ability to breathe fire or ice (depending on the area in which the dragon people live), and discover that the lungs just can fly and be good and fast fighters (martial arts), filled with meanness, and ordered to invade the land of the Lungs, starting a war between both races.
During this war, the Draco ocidentalis magnus occupied some zones of the territory of the Lungs, in one of this zones, they hear that existed a temple where the Lungs hiden a jewel with a great power, thinking that this jewel can give to them more power, decide to invade it; But even they don’t discover jewels with power, they discover a map where maybe the Lungs hiden these jewels, these man was the location of the empire of the Amphiteres.

Time after, while this war continue, soldiers of the draco forces tell this to the king, some days ago, while the war continue, they go to Amphitere world, a exotic paradise near the warm beaches of a rainforest, trying to find these “jewels” that the Lungs mention in their maps….but the truth is was some that they never think.

These Jewels, not was other more that the sub-species of the Amphiteres, the Jewel Amphitere that born once every 100 years and just only 9 children born in the same year, this children had the skill of control the powers of the nature, the leyend of the Amphiteres say that these children come for an important mission when they born, that’s why they are jewels….This make the king of the Draco angry once it was informed of this, due this children make his people looks even weak and useless.

So, the king order to his soldiers kill all Jewel Amphitere children, the king almost achieving these purpose, but the Lungs, notice that and send soldiers to protect them….but only managed to save two….this made the fury of two dragons, Amphitere and Lungs awoken, both species join to defeat the bad dragons, and so….is how the dragon world, is actually in a territory war.


Kukpaal-Iik, along his twin sister, Cipaal-Kaa, are children of war, they are also is part of a very rare species called “Jewel Amphitere”, which was ordered to be exterminated by greedy and haughty king because they are a “danger” for his power. Fortunately, this did not occur at all, because soldiers of the Empire of the Lungs come and save them two, the last of its species and their parents.

But while the soldiers of the Lungs and the Amphitere family that had both jewel babies try to escape, their soldiers Draco was more and after a battle where the mother Amphitere die trying to protect her children, their father help the Lung soldiers to stop them, but the situation was desperate, so, one of them, a older soldier, the general of this soldiers,hide with the children along with some soldiers in the mountains and call for help to other world….

Was how a small vehicle appears, all the dragons amazed, but not has time; in a last and quick order, he put his younger soldier, Qinglong , along with the babies in the vehicle and say to who drove to leave quickly the world….and well, the vehicle leave the dragon world with a confused soldier and two little children of 4 years.

In Novus’Olum, the confused soldier Qinglong receive help to care the twins while his condition in the world is fixed, some days passed, and he receive a card of his General, saying that the world is in war and is very bad idea return for the moment, in this letter also say that he need to wait the letter that indicates that he and the twins can return…

10 years had passed…and now Kuk and his twin sister is a pair of mischievous teenagers who know nothing of their world, and who are in the care of his older brother Nero (Qinlong, who change his name for protect his little borther and sister for possible attacks of their world), living as a family and happy…

Recently, and due the tradition of the dragons (Amphitere and Lungs), at 14 years old and after being trained, are ready to help the army of his country or be helpful to others, but because they can’t return to his world, his older brother Nero, has trained them and recruited to help to Novus’Olum, all because Nero want that they be strong when they need return to their world…


-Good traits-
CHEERFUL: He is very cheerful and happy; He always is trying to make others happy.
JUST: He has a high sense of justice, when he sees something than he considered bad, fought to stop being that.
MATURE: he has a serious side when he to be in a tense situation
-Bad traits-
TROLL: He love troll people that he likes, especially along with his twin sister.
STUBBORN: He hates lose in a battle, even he is a child, he will not stop at nothing when he needs do a work (because he was train almost like a soldier by his older brother)
NAIVE: Sometimes a lot, but he try to hide this aspect of himself down a hard shell.



Wind halberd- a silver halberd as sharp as a scalpel; despite being too young, he knows very well how handle it, he likes to practice with his weapon in his spare time.


WIND FORCE- Or like others said, he has “wind magic”, he can control airflows very well (think in Aang of Avatar)
HEALING ENERGY- Using his own vital energy, he can use it for heal small to medium-high injuries, a very useful skill, the bad thing is that consumes the double of his vital energy, what can cause that he be very weak or faint after use this skill.
SHAPESHIFTING- All the dragons of his world had this skill, this skill is used for shift of humanoid to dragon (Jewel Amphitere) when he want, but he must be careful, change to in his dragon form, can do that his armor and clothing break and become naked to return to humanoid form.
MARTIAL ARTS (just humanoid form) - Were taught by his old brother Nero, with them, Kuk demonstrates his strength and speed; he only used them to defend and protect.
CREATURE LANGUAGE (just dragon form) – He can understand all creature like animal language in his dragon form.


Older bro: *soon*
Twin sister: *soon*

:bulletgreen:Rp Prompt: Please choose at least one of these and answer to it following the rules established for the chatroom.
1. Been spotted stealing important informations that weren’t stored in Data Division Servers. Everyone is in alert. How would your character react to this situation?

Kuk: OMG a mission!!! 8DDD , these punk not will not escape of my wind!!, come on, to the adventure! <,3

:bulletgreen:Rp media: skype (ask for it), notes and chatroom

Kukpaail-Iik by :iconaliceeclipse:
#The-Accession-Epoch app by :iconhuina:
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